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What is Elevado?
Elevado is a Hemp-Infused Low Dose THC Craft Cocktail. Nothing artificial and All Natural. Our flavors have received over 43 global awards and counting. Whether you’re at the pool,beach, music festival or sporting event, Elevado Craft Cocktail is the premium choice for a non alcoholic alternative.
How many can I drink?

That’s entirely up to you. As mentioned in the “make me feel” response, everyone’s tolerance is different. We’ve design our drinks with a fast onset to help gauge the effects. Take it slow and go from there. Again, equivalent to a glass or glass and half of wine is the general consensus.

Can I surf after consumption?

Absolutely! Charge it Brah!!

Does music sound better after I have a few?

Dude, what do you think?!?

Are your products tested?

Yes. Our products go through rigorous testing at independent, third-party accredited laboratories for safety and efficiency. You can view the results of each of our batches at this link.

How will Elevado make me feel?
Everyone’s tolerance is different. Most people describe it as a mellow or light buzz. Similar to a glass of wine or a few beers. We formulate our cocktails with a technology that keeps the THC in the liquid consistent throughout the can. If it’s your first time with an infused beverage, we suggest starting off slow (maybe half a can) and see how your body responds. Effects are usually noticeable from 15-20min after consumption. As always, please drink responsibly.
Where does the THC come from in your drinks?
Elevado uses naturally derived THC from the highest quality sources. This means there are no synthetics or chemicals in our product. Elevado has very high standards on what we offer our customers. No BS.
Is the THC used in your drinks legal?

Yes, we use THC that is derived from the HEMP plant. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill our drinks are legal in most states. Please check your local laws to make sure you’re adhering to any given state’s policies in regards to consuming hemp infused beverages.